Valet Parking Services

Oscar Services provide highest level valet services with all the consideration that business owners and event planners practice to ensure flawless service. Whether at any upscale resort, an entertainment event or a corporate function it’s the valet who greet guest first. Oscar Valet Services are specially designed to eliminate the time and frustration of finding parking for your patrons.

Oscar Services hire the most competent people in our industry who have the valid United Arab Emirates Driving License. Oscar Services keep the high standards of training and development which required as per the value clients. Oscar Services is the foremost professional valet service in the United Arab Emirates. Oscar Services believe that valeting is more than simply parking cars. Our mission is to ensure that every guest we serve feels special, secure and respectfully cared for.

Car Parking Rental and Management

Oscar Services provide solutions based on the most innovative technology to meet the parking requirement of small, medium and large sized parking facilities at shopping mall and residence and commercial building communities. The reliable system allows the efficient management of car parking operations for single and multiple car parks from central locations. In addition standard interface modules provide easy integration with related third party systems.

Oscar Services also provide consultancy that will help you to plan and design parking facilities for optimum efficiency. Oscar professional conceptualizes all the requirements and defines the parameters for setting us the facility. Oscar Services also provide necessary equipment and merchandise required for running successful parking facility or car parking rental services.

Event Management

Oscar Services is a full-service meeting and Event Management Company, where we give priority to each and every client, understand their requirements and strategize a detailed plan of action as to how to go about executing it their valet parking services for their valuable guest. Once we have all these factors falling in place, we put on our creative hats and get to work. We like the competition in the market – it keeps us motivated to work harder. Our fresh perspective gives your event that snazzy edge that has become a crucial factor.