Kamilla, how are you today?

I’m good, its Monday and full of action like always!

How long have you been living in Dubai and working in the Hotel business?

I have been living and working in the hotel business for 18 years, time is flying!

Tell us what hotels you manage and for what group you are working for.

I work as Cluster Director of Rooms, Golden Sands Hotels & Apartments owned by A. A. Al Moosa Enterprises.

You started your valet services in May 2022 in 2 locations, Sharjah and Creek, what’s your thoughts about it until now?

Yes, that’s true. I got recommended by a friend who is working in the same business and he said “Go with Oscar” and since then I’m very satisfied from first contact until now.

What is the best with Oscar Valet?

If I have to choose one thing beside the actual service it would be the communication, everything is fast, clear and easy. I never feel disappointed after a call with the management.

Could you recommend Oscar Valet for others in the business? And Why?

I would recommend Oscar Services every day of the week. They are easy, have good operations and very good to work with!

How is your expectations for the World Cup?

My expectations for the WC is huge! I think that after COVID this would take Dubai back to old numbers and from our side we have prepared for a very high occupancy. We welcome all our old and new guests to Golden Sands this season.

Thank you Kamilla for your time and we wish you and Golden Sands a strong 2022.

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